Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Katharsis Feb. 15 '10

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This week: Years - The Assasination of Dow Jones, James Blackshaw - Death of V, Mount Eerie - Appetite, Rocky Votolato - Sparklers, Sir Richard Bishop - Provenance Unknown, The Mountain Goats - Matthew 25:21, The Durutti Column - Quatro, Teruyuki Nobuchika - Nocturne, Olaf Arnalds - Moldin, Clea Anais - Winter, Shelley Short - Time Machine/Submarine, Rauelsson - Liebre, Maymay - The Fall, McKisko - Jackson Curse, Colleen - Golden Morning Breaks, Julien Neto - Questionable Things, The Knife/Mt. Sims/Planning to Rock - Annie's Box (Alt. Vocal), Ambrose Field and John Potter - La Dolce Vista, Balmorhea - Palestrina, Slow Six - Because Together We Resonate, Clogs - Three-Two, Richard Skelton - Pariah, SubtractivLAD - Once the Stars Have Been Washed from the Sky, Mark Templeton - Beginnings (featuring Mitchell Akiyama), Akira Kosemura - Guitar & Tyme (2 tracks), and Chihei Hatakeyama - Haze from the River.

The links to the archived show recordings should be good for up to a month from the show date. If the links expire just let me know via comment and I'll re-up.

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