Friday, April 2, 2010

Katharsis Mar. 28 '10

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This week: Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose - Introduction, East Van Strings - Selma, Balmorhea - Steerage and the Lamp, Clogs - To Hugo, My Brightest Diamond - Of Fear and Wonder (I Found a Universe)(Alfred Brown Remix), CocoRosie - Grey Oceans, Clogs - Colony Theme, Eluvium - Cease to Know, Heinali & Matt Finney - Years, This Immortal Coil - Red Queen, Aarktica - I Am (The Ice) (Sky Burial Remix by Rameses III), Sylvain Chauveau - A Cloud of Dust, David Sylvian - Manafon, Alva Noto - Argonaut Version, Alva Noto - Sonolumi (For Camera Lucida), Aidan Baker - Liminoid (Part IV), Dragon Turtle - Hourglass, and Azeda Booth - Brown Sun.

The links to the archived show recordings should be good for up to a month from the show date. If the links expire just let me know via comment and I'll re-up.

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