Friday, April 9, 2010

Katharsis for Hedgehogs Apr. 4 '10

A fantastic showfill provided by Timothy Heck of the much-missed Music For Hedgehogs program heard on Sunday nights several years ago. Download mp3 or ogg format

Timothy played: Javid Afsari Rad, Taken By Trees - To Lose Someone, Marisa Sannia - Melagranada Ruja, Pierre Hamon - Al Leanazig Isabel, ONJ;Irene Jacob - Del Mondo, Troublemakers - Get Misunderstood, Simone White - Victoria Anne, Sha's Banryu - 012, David Sylvian - Random Acts (Dai Fujikawa remix), Jon Balke - Chapter I Scintilla, Elle Belga - Cada día, Erik Enocksson - The Joy Of D H Lawrence, Felicia Atkinson with Sylvain Chauveau - Aberdeen, Marianne Faithfull - So Sad, Akira Kosemura - April, David Åhlén - Spirit Fall, Jæ - Pain Relievers, Sylvain Chauveau - The Unbroken Line, Guido Morini - Track 16, Enzo Avitabile - Liberation, Zsuzsanna Varkonyi & Franck, dematteis - Lej-lej, Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - Satisfaction, and Holly Throsby - Would You. Thanks again Timothy!

The links to the archived show recordings should be good for up to a month from the show date. If the links expire just let me know via comment and I'll re-up.

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