Sunday, November 1, 2015

Katharsis Nov. 1 '15 (15th Anniversary Edition of Katharsis)

Tonight's edition of Katharsis is the 15th anniversary show. This was a bit like opening a musical time capsule. The original show was 4 hours, from 3 to 7 am Sunday November 5, 2000. From that show I have selected the tracks that, to my ears, have aged better than the others. Some substitutions from the same album were made in order to fit the current 2 hour format, but the vast majority of the tracks played tonight were the original ones played and in the order they were played (minus the culled tracks).

My tastes have changed vastly over the years. I now listen to a lot more experimental, neo-classical, and ambient music and less indie rock/pop, but I still enjoy this music. It is interesting that the more folk and rock based tracks have withstood the test of time better than the electronic stuff I was listening to back then. Will this hold true for the next 15 years?

Thanks for indulging me, and thanks for supporting the show.

Download the show recording (link to come) or stream it here

The tracks: [format: Song - Artist • Album]

stare at the sky - idaho • three sheets to the wind
stains of time - common children • delicate fade
louisiana - the church • hologram of baal
dolphin grey - velour 100 • of colour bright
duel - swervedriver • mezcal head
instrumental - southpacific • constance
lemongrass - lakuna • castle of crime
lazybones - soul coughing • irresistible bliss
clear blue sky - chris whitley • terra incognita
porpoise - cush • cush
fast money blessing - king cobb steelie • mayday
deep blue - bowery electric • lushlife
music for 18 musicians (coldcut remix) - steve reich • reich remixed
ghost of david - damien jurado • ghost of david
faith - crash vegas • aurora
la sirena - feist • monarch (lay your jewelled head down)
keeping awake - the innocence mission • glow
my adidas - versus • hurrah
sleeping pill - yo la tengo • may i sing with me
denton street - volebeats • solitude
a black eye to be proud of - pinetop seven • bringing home the last great strike
nobody 'cept you - 16 horsepower • secret south
fugue - lilium • transmission of all the good-byes
amateur cyclist - patrick phelan • songs of patrick phelan
the last cafe - laura palmer • a student's guide

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