Sunday, May 11, 2014

Katharsis for Hedgehogs May 11 '14

Yet another brilliant showfill from Timothy Heck. A very well thought-out and wonderful to listen to program. Download the show recording mp3

The tracks: [format: Artist - Song - Album (Label)]
Dom de la Nena - Le Chant des Oiseaux - Birds on a Wire (Air Rytmo)
Kat Onoma - Ballade Mexicaine - Kat Onoma (EMI)
Space Monkey - Landing Day - The Kalman Line (Hubro)
Vincent Delerm - Le Film - Amants Paralleles (T“t ou Tard)
Haushka - Agdam - Abandonned Cities (City Slang)
Aka Pygmies - My Darling Clementine - Music of the Rainforest Pygmies (Lyrichord)
Sidsel Endresen & Jon Balkes' Batagraf - Unknown - Statements (ECM)
Koboku Senju - Vinterson - Selektiv Hogst (Self-released)
Benedicte Maurseth & A V Nordli - Vereskens Tid - Overtones (ECM)
Bill Frisell & Arve Henriksen - Both Sides Now - Live at Moers Festival, 2010 (bootleg)
France Gall - Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son - Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son (Philips)
Arve henriksen - Live in Reykjavic, march 2104 - unreleased (unreleased)
Dub Mentor & Anna Domino - Johnny, We hardly Knew You - Johnny (EnT-T)
Butterfly in the Snowfall - Abandon - Butterfly in the Snowfall (Home Normal)
Hakon Stene - Prelude for HS - Lush Laments (Hubro)
Rosemary Standley & Dom de la Nena - All the World Is green - Birds on a Wire (Air Rytmo)
Doulce Memoire - Mon Amant de Saint Jean - Chansonettes Frisquette, Joliettess & Godinettes (Zig Zag Territoires)
1982 - 18:06 - A/B (Hubro)

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