Sunday, March 9, 2014

Katharsis Mar. 9 '14

Download the show recording mp3

The tracks: [format: Artist - Song - Album (Label)]
The Royal Oui - Dirty Snow - The Royal Oui (File Under: Music)
The Haden Triplets - Billy Bee - The Haden Triplets (Third Man)
A Lily - The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree - Lupa (Aagoo)
Les Modes - Beach Punch - Les Modes (Self-Released)
Locomotive Ghost - Afterglow - Winter (Mossy Rock)
Christine Hoberg - J'ai - World Within (Self-Released)
Gianna Lauren - Power Failure - On Personhood (Forward Music Group)
Tara Jane O'Neil - Wordless in Woods - Where Shine New Lights (Kranky)
Gianluca Becuzzi & Fabio Orsi - Trail Not Found - Dust Tears and Clouds (Silentes Minimal)
Ashlar - Winding Nature - St. James' Gate (Hibernate)
Emmalee^Crane - The Seventeenth Wheel - Crowd of Reeds (Streetlight Farm)
Anne Müller - Walzer für Robert - Erased Tapes Collection V (Erased Tapes)
Amiina - Hilli (Lighthouse Version) - The Lighthouse Project (Sound of a Handshake)
Ben Lukas Boysen - To the Hills - Gravity (Ad Noiseum)
Ólafur Arnalds - Happiness Does Not Wait - Erased Tapes Collection V (Erased Tapes)
Library Tapes - Slow-Wave Sleep - Sketches, Out Takes and Rarities (Make Mine Music)
Anna Von Hausswolff - Ocean - Ceremony (Kning Disk)
Anne Chris Bakker - Winter - Tussenlicht (Somehow Recordings)
Birch and Meadow - When the Sun is Warm - Butterflies and Graves (Time Released Sound)
Colleen - Moonlit Sky - The Weighing of the Heart (Second Language)
Faures - Asthenospheric Movement II - Continental Drift (Home Normal)
Marconi Union - Weightless - Ambient Transmission Vol. 2 (Self-Released)
Event Cloak - Mirror Somebody - PIXXX4: A Compilation By Unit Structure Sound Recordings For Wyrd Distro (U.S.S.R.)

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