Friday, February 21, 2014

Katharsis Feb. 16 '14 (Kris S. Showfill)

As promised, a wonderful show-fill from recent dj trainee Kris Sujata. Download the show recording mp3

The tracks: [format: Artist - Song - Album (Label)]
Dom La Nena - Golondrina - Golondrina (Six Degrees) 
Tara Jane Oneil - Elemental Finding - Where Shine New Lights (Nettwerk) 
Marissa Nadler - Dead City Emily - July (Sacred Bones) 
Alden Penner - I, Icarus - Precession (Self-Released) 
Segue - Intro - PIXXX4 (Unit Structure Sound Recordings) 
Yankee Yankee - Moss Garden - PIXXX4 (Unit Structure Sound Recordings) 
Dirty Inputs - Obernon//Approach - Oberon (Self-Released) 
Friesen/Waters Duo - 02 - FW (Shaking Box) 
YlangYlang - Emerald Atoll Eye - Blossom (Lava Church) 
Actress - Forgiven - Ghettoville (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune) 
Jayne Amara Ross, Frederic D Oberland and Gasper Claus - The Crossing II, Gutter-Plunder - The Freemartin Calf (Gizeh records) 
Christina Vantzou - Going Backwards to Recover What was Left Behind - No.2 (Kranky) 
Ryuichi Sakamoto - DNA-intro - Tony Takitani (Commons) 
Eluvium - Chime - Nightmare Ending (Temporary Residence) 
AUN - Alpha - Alpha Heaven (Denovali) 
Dino Spiluttini - Anxiety - Modular Anxiety (Umor-Rex) 
Akumu - Not of the body - Between Worlds (Self-released) 
Paul Jebanasam - Music for the Church of St John the Baptist III-IV - Music for the Church of St John the Baptist (Subtext) 
Mohommad - Sakrifis - Som Sakrifis (PAN)

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