Monday, March 15, 2010

Katharsis Mar. 14 '10

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It was SOCAN monitoring this week (I hope you all get paid): Yo La Tengo - Sleeping Pill, Ghosts of the Land - A Man and His Camel, The Drift - Golden Sands, The Inhabitants - A Part of You, The Tindersticks - Hubbards Hills, Woven Hand - Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover), Retribution Gospel Choir - The Poor Man's Daughter, The Besnard Lakes - Light Up the Night, The Summerlad - Marathon Man, Machinefabriek - j'esper ca, Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose - Boreas Borealis, Lisa Bozikovic - The Letting Go, Beach House - Real Love, Luxury Pond - Caving In, Ilyas Ahmed - As Another, Kaki King - Everything Has an End Even Sadness, Danny Paul Grody - Eve, Spain - Do You See the Light, Lorrie Matheson - The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life (spot on Mike Roe/77's cover), Jay Crocker - Paper Thin, Sea of Is - Dear Ephemeron, and David Karsten Daniels - Evensong.

The links to the archived show recordings should be good for up to a month from the show date. If the links expire just let me know via comment and I'll re-up.

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